Gunilla Lind Danseteater

Gunilla Lind Dance Theatre is a Copenhagen based performance group led by choreographer Gunilla Lind. With her playful performances Gunilla Lind presents a unique mix of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Always with food for thought and a humoristic touch leaving the audience somewhat puzzled and curious.


Consistent interests in Gunilla Linds choreographic work are identity projects, group dynamics, gender roles, self-promotion through social media and body image. Gunilla Lind puts a mirror up to society and through quirky characters, odd movements and surprising effects she turns every day tendencies upside down. This makes the audience see everyday topics from a new and different angle. Through unusual costumes Gunilla Lind often de-humanizes the performers in order to challenge the way we perceive other human beings and the way we look at ourselves. 


Phone +45 40 40 29 41